24 January 2012

The Difference Between Men and Women

Watching TV.

Preview for Fairly Legal.

Me:  I hate her.

Hubs:  Why? Cuz she's THIS big around?

Me:  Mhm.

Hubs:  Well look at it this way, lots of guys would climb on top of that, but lots more would be afraid they'd hurt her, or get hurt.  Most guys like women like you, with curves.

Me:  And therein lies the difference between men and women.  Men see her and think about climbing on top of her, women think of her and sigh at how easy it would be to shop.


  1. Funny stuff. Of course, it's a little much to expect women's shopping habits to be the first thing that pops into our heads. That's a bit like expecting an accountant who doesn't know the first thing about painting to look at The Mona Lisa and marvel that Da Vinci was able to find certain pigments of paint in the region of Italy where he lived. You're asking for miracles here.

    However, I know from my wife's shopping that they do seem to design all women's clothes for a 6 ft. tall race of alien toothpicks.

  2. I routinely expect miracles. Like when shopping, hoping like hell I can find something that fits me when it was, in fact, designed for a six foot alien toothpick :D


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