02 December 2010

Mama Kitty Motivation - Apply Within

So I've been blog hopping today.  I truly love hopping, meeting new people, reading interesting articles and stories, and laughing and sometimes crying.

What happens though is that I get incredibly random.  I read a blog and immediately start organizing in my head. Or cooking.  Or crafting.  Or writing.  Or taking photographs.

Unfortunately since I have three to four two to three hour periods during the day to work with, I usually get all excited and then go to bed at the end of the day disappointed in myself for not really getting any of those things I wanted to get done....actually done.

With that said,  I'm going to do it.

Put it on paper (or monitor) and force myself to look at it.

Maybe this will motivate me to work at it when I'm actually awake instead of sitting here at my desk reading and getting even more ideas that I won't finish or will probably forget after my next nap.

Yes, I feeling a bit sorry for myself today.  I want the energy and stamina and all that wakey wakey stuff you guys seem to have in spades.  I'd like to stay awake for dare I say five or even six hours at a time!  Bleh.

I'm not going to let a little sleep stop me though, so here's the list of things I want to get accomplished this week.

Finish decorating the house for Christmas.

Pack up or throw out at least two boxes of stuff I love but don't need anymore.

Put away the Halloween decorations sitting in the spare room.

REALLY really clean my kitchen and get rid of some stuff in there too.

Write at least one new chapter in my Chase novel.

Revamp my Writing blog.

Finish my owl ornaments and planner.

Work on the tile coasters me and my daughter are making for gifts.

Put away laundry which requires cleaning out my closet.

I think that's probably enough, don't you?  Baby steps and all?  With the daughter working now, I'm going to have to get use to having less help from her, which is going to suck.  Big time.  But hey, maybe this will be the motivation I need.  Some nice comments from friends urging me on, daring me to reach for the stars?  Even if I wind up with space dust in my mouth.


  1. Hey Donna . . . thanks for following my blogs . . . I've been following yours and love your writing style.

    My energy comes in waves and I take advantage of those times. We all need "mental health days" . . . I have plenty of those. That is when I sleep more hours than I should and write in my "Peace Love Happiness" blog where I have analyzed the hell out of myself.

    Go with the flow . . . you have lots of your plate . . . don't beat yourself up, life is too short!

    It is always a delight to visit your blog . . . you are an awesome person!

    Have a better day :-)


  2. as procrastination-queen here I know what you mean last three days i've tried to start decorating... haven't even dug out the boxes yet! Also i went to the dollar store and got myself a little diary so that i can just write down whatever hits me and whatever i want to blog about. So when i have an off day or a day i have nothing to talk about it just go to my little book and BOOM an idea or two... granted write down in detail what your thinking... i've gone back to read a couple of mine and i'm like "what does that mean??"

  3. I absolutely love all your posts! You're right, baby steps. The other day I was holding a plate, an empty plate and the thought that came in my head.. carry only what you can manage.. don't overload your plate, you know? :) Silly analogy. You sound superwoman, but even she needs sleep!

    Good night and when you awake it'll be a Happy Friday!

  4. I am a procrastinator and do not see myself changing. Luckily, Hubby is just the opposite and keeps me on track..the best he can! i love the look of your blog and I can not wait to show it to hubby..he loves the old pinup girl pic's!

  5. Thanks so much guys! I'm getting ready to go to sleepy for the night now, but I got a good start on the kitchen, got the tree up and lit, decorations go on tomorrow, and I filled up a grocery bag for Goodwill, so it's been a more productive day than I've had in a while. Maybe I need to share with you guys every week!

    Thanks so much to all of you for reading and for the kind words! It means the world to me that my little space here is being enjoyed!

    Much love to you all!

    <3 Donna

  6. I get bursts of energy and try to do everything thing all at once...then I end up burning myself out quickly. My newest kick is trying to save money on groceries...so I've been obsessing about coupons and looking for good deals and learning everything I can about how to save. I spent 2 hours making a coupon filing system the other night - like I needed to do THAT! Where did I get the idea, you ask? Online. I find so many things I want to try and end up never getting anything actually done.

    I am following your blog from the blog hop - I'm so glad I found you...I really love the pictures on your site and how honest you are in your writing. :)

  7. I am your new follower. Would love for you to follow back!

  8. @krajcimama Oh how well I know that! I've been blessed to have a friend giving us groceries every week to help us get through this tough time, which has been fabulous! There are quite a few coupon sites online if you haven't looked there. I've found some pretty good ones there. Thank you so much for stopping by! I appreciate it! Hope you'll enjoy hanging around!

    @Esther Thanks for stopping by! Will definitely check your site out!


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