06 December 2010

I love my truck.....but.

She makes me cry sometimes.  Seriously.

Is there another vehicle in the world that guzzles gas like a Dodge Durango?

She hasn't been getting as much road time as she used to because with our money situation I can't afford to feed her, so she's been sitting in the driveway for about a month while I drove my daughters' car.  (My old old old car that people still offer thousands of dollars for everytime we take it out!)

Hubby got paid last week so I decided to drive my baby.  She was a little pissy at first, acting sluggish, but she got too excited to keep up the pout and we had a blast driving around.  She's warmer than the younglings car too which is good when it's colder outside than a witches booby in a brass bra.

I realized we were having a problem when I gave her twenty bucks worth of noms and picked the youngling up from school, took her to work and came home and she was already asking for more.   Yep, TWENTY bucks and a trip later she was begging and whining for another stop at the pumps.

I put another forty in her a day or two later just because I MISS my baby.  I've never had a car or truck that was as much fun to drive or that I love quite as much as my Durango.  I fell in love with them when they first came out and finally decided to take the leap.  I went to Sheehy Ford and asked our salesman we used before to keep an eye out for a nice used one for me.  He called once and I turned it down, I don't like white cars for some reason, but the second call hooked me up with my baby.  She'd been one owner, and although she had almost 80,000 miles on her, she looked brand new.  I was love at first sight.

We've been together for oh, about six years now and when my hubby asked me what kind of car I'd buy if we won the lottery?  I told him he was crazy.  I love my truck.  There's not another car out there I'd give her up for.  Even a Shelby, or a 72 Mustang Fastback.  That my friends?  Is saying something for me.

I'm rambling again, so I'll get to the point.  Yesterday, we took some stuff too Goodwill.  In my truck.  On the  way there, I noticed three things.  One she was getting low on gas again, and two her inspection sticker ran out last month.  Lastly, that it takes me at least six dollars to drive a.n.y.w.h.e.r.e.

So you're probably saying "Why don't you trade it in for a smaller car?"

Well there are lots of reasons.  I really don't want to!  I love her!  But....I'm not sure there's a single soul in this economy willing to plunk down the money to buy a vehicle that gets about 11 miles to the gallon.  Even then, I wouldn't get enough for her to be able to afford a smaller car, at least not one that comes with extras like an engine, or a transmission.  She's the only vehicle I've ever owned that taking her to get an inspection?  I KNOW she'll pass.  Every time.  In the six years I've owned her, I've had to replace the tires once which was a huge OUCH, but other than that?  Oil, fluids, and that's it.  Not a single dollar in repair bills.  We drove her to Canada, and Dallas and NY and she's never once given us a big of trouble.  So I guess I'm kind of glad that no one would want to take her off my hands and submit themselves to the frustration of her instantly pulling into EVERY gas station she passes.

Anyway, she's in time out again now, at least until I get her inspected.  God, I'm such a redneck.  A pretty little sexy blog with pin up girls and I'm posting about my truck.  Yay me!

It's almost time to get the youngling from school, she wants to come home today so she can take an hour long nap before work, poor baby.  Working is really cutting into her nap time!  :)  So I'll go climb in her car and make the haul to pick her up and hope the heat is working today, cuz baby darlins?  Can you say "witches booby in a brass bra?"  Shiver!  This is her and her car, isn't she adorable?  The kid, not the car....although the car rocks too!

Til later honey bunnies!


  1. I drove a Durango for a week and DAMn it sucks down gas but I loved it. It's a really cool car.

  2. I know right? If only I could convert the engine to one that sucks down oh ionno, leaves or cat fur, I'd be golden!

  3. Ha ha! My dad loved a car like that, drove her right into the ground! In the end, only the drivers side and back passenger side window would go down, you could only fill the gas tank half way or it would leak, one tire had to be pumped back up with air at least once a week, the airconditioning ceased to work, and the trimming had fallen off on the passenger side. She was 18 years old, had 260,000 miles on her, and a little bit of rust.

    lol. When my dad brought that car to the salesman to trade in for our new 2009 beauty, he nearly choked. He couldn't believe that car still ran and simply said to my dad "We hate people like you" because they expect people to trade in their cars every 5 years! Can you believe that?! 5 measly years! It's stupid.

  4. That's gonna be my baby. I know it! I'm determined I'll just keep replacing things until the end! She's got 130,000 miles on her now and so far still no problems! Your Dad's car reminds me of my first one! A 1970 Plymouth Fury, I bought for $300, sold for $500, and the last time I saw it, the guy was STILL driving it and it had over 400,000 miles on it!

  5. shes super cuties!! I have never owned a car but if i could get any car i wanted i would get a black 1969 black impala *drools*

  6. Love that pic of your daughter. If you love your car it's worth a few extra bucks. Love your blog!

  7. I admire your love for your truck, Donna! That just goes to show that a person’s sexuality doesn’t necessarily determine his or her preferences when it comes to vehicles. By the way, you may want to have your truck checked for maintenance. Guzzling too much gas may be a sign of repair or parts replacements.

    Patrick Gauer

  8. If you’re the type of person who loves go on a road trip, you must really go for a car that has good fuel efficiency. You can have a double bonus with this! You get to save money for gas and at the same time, you can go on the longest road trip that you want!

    Erwin Calverley


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