08 January 2011

Who's that in the mirror? (Guest Post)

Hello all you beautiful people. I am Katie from Love is Everywhere. I was extremely psyched when Donna asked me to do a Guest Post, not just one... but two! I hope that this post makes you smile and perhaps you won't feel alone. Who am I kidding, I'm just hoping that I don't feel alone! :)
Oh how wonderful it is to age! ... Who said that?.. Where did that come from?.. Who's that in the mirror?..

Well, I'm only 26 years young and let me tell you how much has changed for me over the last few years. Some days I'll pass bye the mirror, step back, take a double take and sulking I ask.. "Who the heck is that?.. Do I really have bags under my eyes? I could have sworn these jeans fit perfectly last week, but they're wicked tight now... "

Exhibit A: My tiny arms with no muscle and weak legs. I no longer play sports, tennis included which was once my life. So my body aches and I'm out of breath just from running to start the car up in the morning. If only I had a car starter then I could just press a button and not use up the little energy I have that I'll need later on that day to put cream cheese on a bagel.

Exhibit B: My rack. Yes I said rack or should I just say 'the girls'? I'm not sure if it's appropriate, but we're all women here (most of us). I had 3 surgeries to date since I was 19 to remove benign tumors in 'my girls'. Not fun but I feel good about the end result since they were benign. I'm thankful. Minus the droopy 'girls' I'm left with. I thought in your 20s you're supposed to be perky? That's so not true! Wired bras do wonders!

Exhibit C: Hair, hair, hair! Oh I dislike shaving but it's a must. Just recently, I had to buy waxing strips for the hair on my upper lip. Where did that come from? I mean it's light and I'm sure no one can really notice unless they're smelling my perfume, or helping me get something out of my eye, but seriously.. why do we need to wax our lips?

Overall, this is us. It's life, and with life we do get older. There's alot of work to keep that youthful look but it starts inside. I'm going to work really hard to stay 'young'.

Love you all and thanks for being you!


  1. I'd notice you little sticky notes anywhere now miss Kate! I guess that we all have the little things that bug us about ourselves, but like you note says, "love yourself!" It's also great when you can talk about it and share it with friends and have their support!

    Ps. I am very sorry that you have had to go through so much for these tumors, but thank the heavens they are benign!

    Keep up the good work!


  2. ahhaha!! great post. i too am 26 and am noticing some signs of aging. ack! thanks for sharing ;]


  3. Katie- you're so gosh darn cute. I love this post..but oh honey, just wait until you have kids. Boobs sag more, more hair in places it was never intended and sometimes pregnancy spreads like butter. But- like I said before- I so love your outlook!! You...just make me smile!!

  4. I looooove your blog! Let me see...I'm once, twice almost three times as old as you are; that's....nevermind. What's important is that I refuse to cave into wretched Father Time.

    As a Hairstylist, I often remind my clients that "I'm a Beautician, not a Magician"...but, I do my best to leave them with a fresh outlook, new "do" and...hair-free lips (and more) after I drag them, kicking and screaming, into the salon waxing room.

    It's unfair that, while men lose hair, women start growing it, like evil little demons, everywhere it's not wanted.

    I'm happy that any tumors you dealt with were benign and have to compliment you on having such a wonderful, playful outlook on life.

    Found your blog through one of your followers, prOudmomOf3 and will be back to read more!


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