15 February 2012

Valentines Day - The Day After

Hubs and I have been married since 1989.  Some of my favorite readers weren't even born in 1989.  Don't deny it, I know.

This is close to two dozen heart days we've been through together.

So yesterday was Valentines Day and there were none of the following......

1.  Flowers

2.  Candy

3.  Cute little stuffed animals

4.  Lingerie

or much to the hubs chagrin......

5.  Sex.

He did offer to take me to Taco Bell, so he definitely knows how to get in my pants, but alas, apparently I'm not to be trusted with sharp objects, blunt objects or heavy objects.  Oh or hot things.  I managed to hurt my back while hubs and I were dragging a ten ton desk out of the back of my truck into the house and once you've been together for twenty plus years you don't want that pain look on your face while you're gettin' busy, so the sex was out.

He sent me a really sweet text and I sent him a sweet one back and that was, as they say, that.

There was a bit of drama as we had to take one of the kitties to the vet and he got a little action via a thermometer for the big day.  Pretty sure he's not a gay kitty.  He was not happy.

Sorry Hallmark, Godiva, Priscilla's and Gund, but you didn't get any money out of any of us yesterday.

We stopped by Food Lion and got the fixin's for a taco salad, watched Food Network and waited for the Kitty Princess to get home from work.  We picked up a little stuffed ladybug for her that sings "Be My Baby" and she squee'd and we called it a day.

Oh and I stalked her newest "guy who is liking me but I'm not sure I like yet" on Facebook.

All in all it was a good day.  A love day.  Just like every other day around the Riley household.


  1. OOooOOOO a new love interest!?!? cool beans is he cute???

    p.s. I was born in 1987 PHEW!!! lol!!

  2. You caught me. I wasn't born in 1989. I was born in 1976. ;D

  3. I would have still been sad not to get anything.. that is my every year vday!! I can't stand it!! one day they will win the lottery and BOOM DIAMONDS!!!!!


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