16 September 2014

A Mama Kitty's Work Is Never Done

After seven years and I can't even tell you how much money, I finally managed to have a grand total of 43 stray and feral cats in our neighborhood spayed and neutered.  Managed to find homes for 27 of those.  I'm left with way too many I care for every day, and my neighbor takes care of three.  I can tell you it's been hard work, but rewarding.  Unfortunately during those years I had to bury far too many of those little babies.  Living on a somewhat main road wasn't good for a feral colony I can tell you that.  

I thought that those days were over.  Ha!  Today, while out working in the yard, a neighbor stops by and asks me if I know anyone looking for a cat.  Apparently someone dumped this little girl off down the street from our house and she's been hanging out in the woods and in a neighbors drainage ditch.  Nothing doing but I drag the family down there to check it out.  I tool some photographs and managed to run into the young lady helping to take care of her.  Both were sweet as can be, and the little cat was just adorable.  Very loving, obviously wanting more than a ditch and a little spot in the woods for a home.  

I can't for the life of me imagine why someone would just dump their cat.  Feral cats know what to do to survive.  The ordinary housecat raised in a home, is a little bit lost when they're suddenly just dumped out into the wild with no one to feed them or make sure they have fresh water.  It literally breaks my heart.  Anyway, I hit up my old rescue page and have a few nibbles on a maybe foster home for her until we can find her forever home.  

People, I can't say it loud enough or long enough, take care of your pets.  Spay and or neuter them, don't take them on unless you are able to, and if you find yourself in a situation where you're unable to care for them any longer, find someone else who can.  Please for the love of GOD don't just dump them and hope they do okay.  Look at this little sweetie and say a little prayer that someone will take her in and love her for the rest of her life!

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