04 December 2010

If I Don't Post Tomorrow, Check the News

"House fire in Richmond destroys the home of silly Mama Kitty who used the wrong lightbulbs in her window candles."

We made the journey to WallyWorld today looking for replacement bulbs for our window candles.  They had blue, and green, and red, and yellow, and amber and not a single. clear. bulb. in the store.  The clerk says "Well, they're the  most popular so they sell out."


Wouldn't you think if they're the most popular you should probably order MORE?

Maybe that's just me.

Anyhoo, they're 25w bulbs where the regular ones are ummm, I think 4w?  The hubby is determined the house is going to burn down in the night.  I'm playing it safe though.  Put one in the window and I'm watching that bad boy like a hawk.  They are hot though....hoping the tree dwelling felines don't leave the comfort of their new den to investigate or I'll be putting Neosporin on a bunch of little noses!


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