08 February 2011

Should purchasing a cell phone be an.....adventure?

Okay, this is the deal.  My daughter texts like eight BILLION times a day.

You think I'm teasing don't you?  Nope.  I'm not.  Promise!

Well maybe just a teensy weensy bit, but not much.....

So anyway, her PHONE is fine, but her charger went the way of the grave day before yesterday.  I resisted the urge to hold a ceremony because she was giving me dirty looks.  Turns out, she's got an odd phone, with an odd charger so to replace it we'd have had to get it off eBay and it would have cost like thirty bucks and I'm pretty sure her phone isn't worth that much anymore.  I'm not even sure HOW it's still working as much as she's used and abused it, but that's another matter.  She didn't really want to replace it so we had to do some creative thinking.

Hubby has two phones.  Work and personal.  I have one, daughter has one and my parents have one, all on our accounts.  Soooo, this is what we decided to do.

Hubs personal cell is almost identical to daughters old one.  So she took that one, he took my old one, and I went to get a new one since other than hers, mine was the oldest.  I chose the Motorola Flipout just cuz it's too darn cute and it comes with an orange cover for the back and I love orange.  I'm not a techno weenie (ahem like some people who live in our house) so I go for cute over function.  I talk rarely, text a lot and that's about it, so really?  Does it matter?

Anyhoo, loved it, ended up getting it for free because they had this deal where you upgrade and you get a fifty dollar credit, and the phone was only fifty.  Great deal right?  Yep.  Until I dropped it not two hours after I got it.  Shattered the screen all to hell.  I wanted to cry.  Once upon a time, AT&T would have just switched it out, but nowadays they're not that nice anymore.  I could file an insurance claim, pay the FIFTY dollar deductible, wait two weeks for it to come back and all is well right?  Pssht.  Do I remind any of you of a patient person?  Yeah, I thought so.

Finally got hold of the person we still like that works at the phone store and she suggested we upgrade another line and get the phone for the upgrade price.  So that worked out well.  Went tonight, picked up yet another phone, kept the broken one and did some research.  The crazy phone is selling for over $200 bucks on eBay.  Crazy isn't it?  So when we get our taxes back, I'll send the broken one in and get it fixed, put it on eBay and make more than BOTH phones would have cost combined.

Funny how it all works out in the end.  Now I just have to not DROP this one!  Rawr!  Who knew those little turds were that persnickety?  I've had a Samsung Solstice for two years, have left it at WalMart three times, at Ross once, practically scored touchdowns with it, and not even a scratch!  Oh well, another interesting 24 hours in the Riley household, but guess what?  I gots a pretty new orange phone!  Yay!


  1. Smart thinking! i've done that before, dropped a phone right after I got it. It just scratched it though. Still, it kind of sucked.

  2. ok I have to tell you this I was getting a new phone the other day at ATT and I saw that little flip phone. I ckd it out and thought it was cute but I was wondering at its durability. you just answered my question.

  3. I deff. think buying a new cell phone is an adventure the one you picked is def cute but apparently not that durable. I rec. the iphone I've dropped mine a million times and have never broken anything on it.

  4. Bobi, I guess, it took a rough tumble and it is a smart phone with a glass screen which I'm not used to at all. My Solstice had the plastic screen, but I'll definitely be getting a case for the new one, and some screen protectors too. The call quality is exceptional and I'm anxious to check out the camera quality. I just never liked the virtual keyboards, so I wanted one that had an actual keyboard. Let's hope that "durability" includes other functions and it'll last a while now!

    Aubrie - Ugh I know I wanted to cry! Even if I'd had it a day or two it would have been better but it was seriously not more than two hours! Sucked hardcore!

  5. that is awesome!! i love ebay i hope you get lots for it!!!

  6. I've had such adventures with phones before. And yes, you're back right? Back like forever, forever! Because you have no idea how much I missed you. And don't ever leave me like this again without a good bye :( Take care and happy calling/texting :D

  7. What a cute phone - I always pick cute over function. I need a new phone - mine was violently 'dropped' into a tile wall during a particularly frustrating phone call...not a scratch on it, but it doesn't like to alert me to incoming calls anymore.

  8. Sharing some love with a funny gal. I'm passing to you The Stylish Blogger Award.

    Visit MY BLOG to claim your new honor! =D

  9. We had a couple of rounds of musical phones at our house. The last one was when I heard a thumping in the dryer and discovered that I had washed my phone. Not recommended.

  10. @Cakeologist - I'm loving it now that I've gotten it all replaced and everything is good to go! I've "dropped" a few phones in my day too, but hopefully you'll be able to get a new one soon, if I didn't have little noises to let me know when people call or text I'd be looooost lol

    @Cathy - Oh yay! Thank you so much! I'm still catching up so I'll post for it soon! Thankies!

    @Bryan - Why am I not surprised? lol Pretty sure that's a solid recommendation, I'm always afraid I'm going to hear that thump and find a cat in the dryer!


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