12 April 2015

Falling Apart in 3...2....1....

So in spite of my solemn vow to never grow old, I'm struggling with the fight these days.  What happened you might ask?  Well, my brain says one thing, and apparently my joints and tendons are screaming another story.  Yes, screaming.  Quite loudly.

I can't remember how many cortisone shots I've had in my knees and shoulders, but I can guess that my ortho doc has a new Ferrari, or maybe a nice houseboat.  At the very least a couple of nice new jet skis.

The good news?  Ha!  I'm too young for knee replacements!  YAAAAAY!

The bad news?  They hurt all the time.  In spite of the shots.  The last one was a Synvisc shot.  That little stab was almost 1K.  Seriously?  The funny part is it takes it about two months to start working, then it only works for about three and then its back to the drawing board.

The dealio now though is with the shoulder.  When you can't put on deodorant without weeping, and putting on a bra is worse than the day after at the gym, you know you've got issues.  They did an MRI this past week and Tuesday is the big reveal.  There won't be a party.  Unless the doc decides that he can go ahead and bank ahead of time this go round.  That'd be nice.  I think?

Today the hubs and I were working in the yard and it crossed my mind that IF I have to have rotator cuff surgery, I won't be able to do ANYTHING for six weeks.  Now, generally, that might not be sooo bad, but the kiddo graduates the first week of May and her thesis project involves the Model Tobacco building.  Look that sucker up if you want, or I can just post a picture.  Let me clarify.  A MODEL of the Model Tobacco building.  To scale.  Then there are the cats.  14 of them.  With litterboxes.  Dinner.  Yardwork.  Graduation.  Laundry.  Projects.

Just count the windows....shoot me now!!!!

What on earth is going to happen during six weeks of Mom not being able to use her arm?  God only knows, but I'm not afraid to admit I'm scared.  I'll let you know when I find out if there's going to be a new addition to the docs house in the near future or if our house will continue on without a catastrophic meltdown.

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