15 April 2015

I'm not old, just....need a tuneup or some such

Today was the both dreaded and anticipated doctor appointment.  As I mentioned in my last post, I'm starting to know my orthopedic doctor better than well, almost anyone.  After our pleasantries, allergies, vacation plans, etc., he looked at my MRI and scared the crap out of me.
Mhm.  And I don't scare easily!

He suggested I see another surgeon now.  As in "don't leave the office, I'm going to squeeze you into his schedule now".  Hm.

After about a half an hour, I met another seriously wonderful surgeon who gave me the whole good news/bad news speech.  The good news is I don't have to have rotator cuff surgery.  The bad news is I still have to have surgery.  The really great part though is that the problem is what's called an acromion.  I think.  It's supposed to be pretty much flat across the bottom and mine has a rather large section that angles downward and has been rubbing against the rotator cuff tendon and has actually caused a small tear.  Thankfully it's only a partial tear that hasn't gone all the way through, but it causes what he called "impingement" meaning whenever I move my arm in certain directions, the misshapen part is digging into the tendon and causing pain.

Tomorrow they will call and schedule the surgery which has a much quicker and easier recovery than the six to nine months estimated for rotator cuff surgery.  They'll make three small holes and sand down the acromion, do something with a tendon and I'll be good to go.  They'll also look at the actual tendon to see if it needs repair at the same time.

Recovery is looking like around 10 days in a sling and maybe two weeks not using the arm for anything major.  Color me happy.

Back to the bad news, I've still got two bum knees and a recently diagnosed degenerative disc disease which we'll have to address when the shoulder surgery has been completed.  That's a worry for another day!

Pssht, who am I kidding, I worry about things about as much as well, I don't worry at all!  What will be will be, right?

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