09 April 2015


Although I've never shopped at Lane Bryant, I have to give them props for their new campaign.  I can go on a epic rant here, but I'll refrain.  Maybe.  If you ask nicely.  :)

When did a size 8 turn into a plus size?  When did all the "don't label me" people decide that everyone needs a label again?  What happened to love and acceptance?  Is it any wonder young girls and women struggle to find their place in this upside down, wibbly wobbly world?  (Yes, that was a Doctor Who reference!)

Last May, I turned 50 and discovered that I weigh more than I have ever weighed in my life.  NOW, this is how I think.  Several years ago I wanted peonies.  Instead of just buying the bulbs and planting them, I held off because I didn't want to wait two years for them to grow.  So what did I accomplish?  Instead of having a tiny peony in two years, it took me seven because I was too impatient.  I'm handling my body the same way now.  I got frustrated because I couldn't drop 10 pounds in a week so I didn't bother even trying.  Now I've got 50 pounds to lose because I was impatient and stubborn and yes, a little dumb, about the whole thing.

The Kiddo, who is 22 now, is blessedly content with her body.  In fact, she loves her big ol' booty and will tell anyone who dares to ask exactly how she feels about it!  I'm so thankful that she's found that contentment.  Sure there are things she would change, but she'd rather nom on Godiva chocolates than stress over a little bit of muffin top.

I'll go way back here though and tell you what society is doing to young girls.  VERY young girls.  When the kiddo was maybe 5 years old, I got my Victorias Secret catalog.  She was looking through it with me and turned and asked me "Mommy why can't you look like that?"  I have to tell you, it broke my heart at the time.  She thought they were beautiful and wanted her Mommy to be that beautiful too.  Out of the mouths of babes huh?  She didn't know about Photoshop or blur filters or lighting or any of that stuff, she bought the hype.  Now, are these girls gorgeous?  I suppose.  I think (honestly!) that EVERY woman is beautiful.  We all have our flaws, and we all have our strengths, and those imperfections and gifts are what combine to make us all beautiful.

Now that body-shaming has reached epic proportions, where do these girls go from here?  They're shamed if they're too skinny, they're shamed if they're too chubby, but who decides?  Everyone has their own ideas, so it's literally a no win situation.  I think it's time, no, PAST time that girls and yes, 50 year old women too, can look in the mirror and be not just okay, but happy with the image looking back at them.

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