13 January 2011

Does it never end around here?

I was anxious to come back to my blogs and get into the blogging world again, and for a day everything was going okay.  Then hell broke loose again.

It started yesterday when the Kitty Princess said she didn't feel good and didn't want to go to school.  Her tonsils are horribly swollen and red which means another bout with strep, which she seems to get once a year like clockwork.  A trip to the doctor was practically useless though.  Her strep came back negative which the doctor said may or may not be right, but didn't want to give her antibiotics unless she knew it was more than just a viral infection.  The doctor who has never seen my kid before and thinks she knows her better than I do.  Yesterday was the start, she wasn't running a fever or anything, just had a really sore throat which is how it always starts.

By the time we were back home and I'd fixed her some soup for dinner she was flushed and starting to run a low grade temp, and feeling worse.

We stopped by the bank so she could deposit some money in her savings account and she was texting like crazy.  I said something about it and she said it was "important".  Turns out she was texting her boyfriend's best friend who confirmed that he's been cheating on her.  For a while.  Confirmed that the whole proposal was a joke.  Confirmed that this guy is an asshole of epic proportions.

We talked about it most of the night, but most of the time I just hung out with her trying to make her feel better.  She hasn't approached him about it yet, isn't sure how to do it since the guy who told her doesn't want to be involved.  She's also talked to a couple of other people who confirmed that it's true.

I'm trying to talk her into breaking it off with him, for more reasons than just the cheating, he's humiliated her enough since there are freaking PICTURES of him and this sixteen year old girl together on Facebook (did I mention he'll be 21 next month?) and everyone seems to have known except my daughter.  Apparently he thinks it's amusing that he can hurt my little girl and get away with it.  Can hurt her and she'll still love him which for some reason she still does.  She actually thought about trying to stay with him, which I can't even fathom, but hopefully it'll be worked out soon.

As badly as I hate him, and as badly as I hate seeing my daughter hurting, it's time for this to be over.  Needless to say, I'll be spending most of my time until this is resolved with her so I won't be around for a bit.  On top of that, I really don't trust him not to do something or try to do something bad to either us or the house or the cats.  He's a horrid person and I don't put anything past him.  I've told our neighbor that she should call the police immediately if she sees anything suspicious and I'm even keeping the cats indoors since he's already threatened to run over them just because he doesn't like them.  So until this is all resolved Mama Kitty is doing what Mama Kitty does best.  Taking care of her Kitty Princess.

Love you guys, and hopefully this will all be over soon.


  1. Asshole of epic proportions?



    It smells in here-ere-ere-ere

    Welcome back...sort of. Hope everything gets back on track.

  2. aww wextra ((hugs)) for kitty princess!! xoxox

  3. OH NO! It sucks so bad when the kiddos are sick. I hope she gets better soon.

  4. Donna I'm praying that it's a clean closure and he doesn't do anything to cause any more stress on Princess Kitty as well any of you. He's obviously too immature to make an adult decision but hopefully he'll just scoot on out the way he came in. I'm sorry you're all going through this and I know how much your daughter must hurt.

    I love you!

  5. Awww Don't worry Donna things will get fine. It will all be over soon. You daughter is a pretty girl and she does not deserve to be treated like that. Hope she gets well soon too. Love ya!

  6. I'm glad my little girl is only 3....
    Hope she feels better soon

    following from the hop.

  7. oh my lawd! he needs me to blow his head off! no really! i am wishing y'all the best...no one deserves this and he doesn't sound too trusting! just crazy! i love that photo of her...beautiful! just take care and keep those kitties safe
    ! good golly! hope i don't have any dreams about this! i have esp too! if i don't then everything will be good to go:) love yas!

  8. Oh! Good luck, Donna. You take care of your pack and we will see you later! I hope everything works out.

  9. Hi There! I have hoped over from Blog Guidebook.
    Love your blog! And your quote about "Life was not intended to grow old quietly" has been one of my favs for years.
    Im sorry about the boyfriend drama. I know how scary that is. I have two daughters (22 & 20). Although the drama they had in high school was more mean girl drama, it was plenty. And my oldest has had some real loser/ psycho/ stalkers from a couple of college boyfriends.
    Prayers are with you, and remember to go with your gut! Gavin DeBecker is my favorite author. He wrote: The Gift, Protecting The Gift, & Fear Less. He has taught me that forget about worrying about hurting feelings. Go with your gut when it comes to protecting yourself & loved ones.
    Please let us know how it goes!

  10. Oh sending cyber hugs to hasten the recovery. Shah. Please put your buttons on my button page. Want to share you with the blogging world!! ;)

    Shah at worldinsync.blogspot.com


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