03 January 2011

Kitties and Boxes?

Guest Blogger: AubrieAnne @ http://whosyoureditor.blogspot.com/

Well, I know that Donna LOVES her little kitties so I just found it fitting to write about kittens and share some pictures with you of the adorably loving Kiki (my best friend’s kitty.)

Okay, has anyone seen that YouTube video where a kitty tries to fit into all these different sized boxes, even the ones that it obviously will never fit into? Well, my best friend and I decided to test the theory…Do kitties try and fit into any box that is placed in front of them. The answer is…YES, they do!

Exhibit One…

EPIC FAIL! This is a chocolate box, about the size of a shoe box, but much, MUCH shallower. Kiki tried desperately to fit in it, but alas she was delusional. There is no possible way for her to fit in that box

Exhibit Two…

This box was more to Kiki’s size, but she simply could not figure out how to make it work for her. She could get her head in, but not her butt. She could get her butt in, but not her head. Poor Kiki. I think she actually could fit, but was too afraid to crawl into the back which was covered. Also, the flash on my camera was a bit distracting to her. It did get her to look at me though.

Exhibit Three…

Something still isn’t right, LOL. I do think Kiki enjoyed this box the most. She’d charge it and slid right in. My friend and I also thought it extra funny that she was in a “diet” box when she’s actually quite the chubber. We say that she has a beer belly!

Anyway, just more proof that kitties truly will try and fit into any box you place in front of them. On the up side, you should never have to buy your little darlings any toys! I also find that kitties like, drizzling water, ping pong balls, paper balls, nerf darts, and paper bags! Now, go have fun with them!


  1. Keith Stone'll help her out.

    My one cat does that all the time.

  2. This was the perfect remedy after my first day back to work. Your post cracked me up!! I have two kitties and I know how they try so hard to manage to fit in small places. This is great :) Thanks for the smile and laughs!


  3. nuclearheadache...I think it's adorable. Some cats are just so good at entertaining themselves. It's like they're children who ahve amazing imaginations and can play with somethign as simple as a box.

    Kate...I'm happy it gave you a good laugh. Sometimes these simple posts are the best so I am happy that I had the chance to write it and make both myself and you laugh :)

  4. I'm not sure that my kitty, Jeffrey, trys to fix in every box. But he does like to sit in the "boxes" that bottled water comes in. You know between the box part and the plastic that goes over the top.

    I like Kiki in box 2 best!

  5. Hahah Brilliant. Lol This is funny. Kittens are so cute. The world needs to know! They are the cutest creatures ever.

  6. He he - that was a cute post! Donchya love kittie cats! ;) X

    I just realised that I wasn't following this - I was sure I'd joined this before I even had a blog? Shocking state of affairs! It have been remedied.

  7. My kitties LOVE boxes...bags too. I'll leave boxes out for them to play with:) What can I say, they are spoiled boys!

  8. Following from Hugs & Love... I love your blog!! I am going to display your button on my favorites : )

  9. CarliAlice...Ha! The cat my roommate had in college loved to do that too!

    Dawn...Very true. What would our lives be like without their antics and cute faces!?

    Shah...YEs, it was a fun one to write as well. I'm happy you found the blog and am not following. Donna is just the best! and she has great and funny posts on here too which I am sure you will see when she returns!

    Poekitten...Yep! That seems like the best way to entertain them.

    The Rheinlander...I am welcoming you on behalf of Donna! lol.


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