02 January 2011

I'm going to miss you all!

Planning for this upcoming week away from my blog has been interesting.  I've been doing some housekeeping on both blogs, adding some little things here and there and of course setting this one up with the January artwork and such.  I didn't really realize until today though how strange it's going to be not blogging everyday.  This has become my little refuge from the world I suppose.  This is the place where I can rant about anything without someone getting upset (ie the daughter), where I can talk about my inlaws without them finding out I'm an even more horrid daughter in law than they thought I was, where I can make fun of myself and in so doing learn to laugh when things are more than a little effed up.

I've never really had female friends, but here?  The playing field is even and I'm finding that it's easier to be friends via writing and sharing than maybe trying to exist in the same geographic space.  I'm a lot easier to get along with this way too, trust me on that.

I'm really looking forward to my visit with my best friend, and I know we're going to have a blast, but in some little way I'm going to miss posting.  When I started my other blog, I went for a couple of months without posting a thing, and then when I came back to it, found some other people who shared the same ideas and hobbies, it was as easy as falling off a bike to get back into it.  Since then I've only missed a couple of days when I really wasn't feeling well and I feel like I'm breaking some unspoken code by being away!  I know I'm not, we all have lives outside of our blogs, friends and families, jobs and responsibilities but I guess what I'm trying to say is I'm going to miss you all.

Damn, it took me a while to get around to that didn't it?

I've got some fantastic guest posters lined up for the time I'll be away so please please please come and check them all out every day and leave them love like you do me too!  They'll be introducing themselves and of course linking to their own amazing blogs, and yes I have not one, but TWO men scheduled to post here on my little girly blog.  Should be fun and games there and I can't wait to read what they've got to say!

So I guess that's it.  I hope you all have a great week, and I'll be back before too long and will pick up with my Thirty Days of Truth posts on my other blog, and of course jump in with both feet here!


  1. I'm going to miss you too Donna! I think as a therapy I may step away from blogging for a week and have guest bloggers. It may be a good thing! But.. I will see how you manage first, haha!! Have fun with your bestie! Love you and we'll take good care of your blog :)


  2. we'll miss you too, make sure you take a sneak peek at that blog i wrote for you heehee you'll love the photo!!!

  3. We'll miss you too! Have a fabulous trip!

  4. Have a great break! I can't believe you're leaving right as I'm coming back, but I'll get over it. ;)

  5. Have a great week. We'll miss you too, but have a great time. And, hey, we'll be here when you get back!!

  6. Mahhhhhhhhhhh I'm going to miss you so much. Come back soon and haffun!


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