01 January 2011

No Resolutions - Just Stubborn Determination.

I've never been a big one for New Years Resolutions.  If you wanna do something, you do it, you don't do it, you try to do it and fail, you try to do it and succeed, or you try to do it and say the hell with it and give up.

With that being said, sure there are some things I'd like to change in 2011.  I'm not sure they're resolutions, more like the New Year feels like a clean slate.  You can start over and put the year behind you and start fresh.  Like a new day but on a bigger, grander scale.  Plus let's face it, with Thanksgiving and Christmas so close together, when it comes to weight, we ALL wait for the New Year to start changing our eating habits and anything having to do with weight loss.

Now, me?  I've always felt fat.  Even when I was wearing a size 1 and weighed 100 pounds soaking wet.  I'd scoff at the mirror looking at my butt thinking it was too big and put those tiny little jeans back because they didn't do my backside justice.  I guess that's why my butt decided to abandon me and seek other jeans to inhabit.  There's a lesson for you there younger ladies, appreciate that backside while you've got it!

Now, as for things I'd like to change this year?

Well I'm going to take better care of my skin.  It's the only skin I've got and it's being pretty bitchy about this whole aging thing.  So yeah, we're going to play together more often, use lotions and moisturizers and the like so it'll maybe stop staging it's little coup and let me keep lying about my age.

I'm going to find a pair of jeans that'll stay up without making camels jealous.

I'm going to stick with my cleaning schedule.  Maybe.  If I'm awake.

I'm going to start getting rid of some of the STUFF in my house.  Might not be able to get rid of it completely, but it's going in storage if it doesn't leave the house.  More stuff makes it hard to clean and makes things look cluttered, and I'm starting to crave the easy going house thing.

I'm going to take more pictures.  Lots more pictures.

I'm taking my Mom out more often.

I'm going to start a neighborhood campaign on keeping the feral cat population in our neighborhood under control.  I've found the resources I need, so it's now all about education, education, education.

And finally.....damn you Eschelle, I'm going to get rid of some pudge.  I'm not telling any of you how much I weigh cuz it's WAY more than I look thanks to genetics that make me as solid as well....solid.  I'm in a size 12 now and I'd like to get down to a 10 or maybe an 8, but we'll go with a 10 for the sake of this little challenge.  If I go lower it'll be a surprise to all of us!

If I can get into a little outfit like this one, I'll post pictures here with heels and all!  NOT, just psyching you out there.  Sorry.

So that's it for the resolution stuff.

Now I'm off to find some dessert, oh....I mean some nice raw carrots to nibble on.  Yep.  Carrots.  Definitely.

Happy 2011 peeps!


  1. I'm not much of a resolution gal. But I do need to start exercising again...just makes me feel better...and it makes it easier to keep up with my kids! Have a happy new year!!

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  3. I am all for realistic resolutions. These all sound doable to me. You are so right about your skin. Second time today that I have said this: moisturize moisturize moisturize.

  4. Ha! I think we are all hoping to lose some pudge! It's just no fun. Happy New Year! Xo

  5. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!! Stick with me babe and we'll "get 'er done!"

  6. I lost my butt too. :( I need to put on weight!!! How do I do that?!!?!! I feel I'm anorexic! :\


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