26 November 2010

Black Friday? Not. Another Turkey Dinner? Hell yeah!

Woke up brain impaired this morning.  Might be a symptom of tryptophan.

Only reason I woke up at 6 a.m. this morning was hearing the alarm bell ding on the house, and the sound of my husband snoring.  Huh?  Yes.  So I crawl out of my nice warm bed, disengage myself from the six cats sleeping on my bed and drag on my pajama pants before my ass freezes. I grabbed my glasses so I can get down the stairs without pulling the same stunt my daughter did yesterday.  Yes honey bunnies, heels and stairs equate to snowboarding or sledding down that hill in San Fransisco, but with snow.  At least for my daughter.  It wasn't pretty.

So the moment I get my glasses on I see the front end of my daughter's boyfriends' car peeking out past our pear tree in the front yard.



You're KIDDING me.


Oh well.  Content that we are not about to be set upon by a different kind of Black Friday shoppers, you know, the ones who decide what they want and simply go get it without the hassle of malls and money?  I went back to bed.

Now it's time to go help cook another Thanksgiving dinner with my parents.  Yesterday was the in-laws.  Today is the parents.  Tomorrow is mine.  I'm ready.  I ate a bowl of popcorn last night to help digest the turkey and stuffing sitting in the bottom of my stomach like a brick, and whether it helped or not I'm not sure, but I'm ready for more turkey.  And yes loves, MY mom sends home doggie bags so I can have a turkey sammich tonight.

For all those lovelies who are worried about my cat scratch fever infested wrist?

No worries, I took my rings off this morning, grabbed a bottle of antibiotics I didn't finish from my last brush with misadventure and have the fingers of my other hand (that aren't swollen to resemble those little sausages you roll up croissants) crossed.


  1. Get well soon darl. :) And oh try Milk and Coke! XD :p

  2. Added your button to my "link love" page lol.

    Glad to hear your wrist is okay.


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