22 November 2010

Okay so FOUR Turkey Dinners and maybe some Killer Clowns on the side

Okay, yesterday I wrote about the challenges of working out the holiday schedules when there are in-laws and boyfriends involved.  Little did I know that there is a simple and easy fix to these challenges.  Imagine that.

Spoke to my Mother on the phone today and she asked if we'd figured out what we're doing for Thanksgiving.  I politely told her we were to have dinner with the in-laws.  Usually I'm cringing when I say that.  Some days my mom is a little on edge (as in waiting for someone to come along unsuspecting so she can throw them off), but today, I was shocked.  She said simply, "Well then, we'll have Thanksgiving on Friday."



So I get two highly experienced cooks making Thanksgiving feasts for me two days in a row?


If only I could take muzzles, life would be el-perfecto!

Did I just say that out loud?  No.  Pretty sure I didn't.

So, going on.

The funny part about all this is for some reason I don't feel like a proper wife and mother if I don't cook too.  Now, remember, I said I've got a turkey breast in the freezer?  Well that lil' bad boy is going in the oven Friday night.  Yep.  I'm taking leftovers from my mom's house too.  So I don't have to make the stuffing.  Or maybe I'll just go for it and do that too.  I've got my turkey breast, sweet potatoes, some wheat yeast rolls, pretty sure I've got some kind of green stuff, and then stuffing and we're done.  Day three of Turkey marathon.

Maybe I can get leftovers to take home from the in-laws too.  It's impossible to have TOO many turkey sammiches, and we all know werewolves and killer clowns make one crave turkey sammiches.

Anyway, I'm content now.  Thankfully dinner can only last SO long, and I'm pretty sure I can keep my mouth shut long enough to not get in a whole world of hurtin' at the in-laws.  We already have the list of "do not talk about" topics for my mothers house, so as long as she behaves herself and doesn't start saying things about husbands and boyfriends, we'll be fine.  I hope.

Oh, remind me to take out my piercings too.  Naaaaaah, I'm a rebel, they can deal.  Maybe I'll even roll up my sleeves and show off the tats too!  There's a rebel, now all I need is a Harley and some leathers and I'll be a regular degenerate.

Cooking Thanksgiving dinner at home on Saturday.

Oh, and I'm so asking the daughter to bring home leftovers from her dinner with the boyfriend on Sunday too.  They're waiting cuz the dad there is going hunting on Thanksgiving day.  So we'll be Sweatin' with the Oldies together working off the turkey fat!

Wish me luck!

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