29 November 2010

Etsy? Love it? Hate it? Advice?

So through all my lovely friends here in the blogosphere I've discovered Etsy.

I know I know, I'm so out of it, but I swear, I'd never heard of it until recently.

Going through the site, I got that creative tickle that starts somewhere inside your cranium and then proceeds to engulf your entire body.  I used to be really good at making stuff.  When I first started taking Ritalin and Adderall, I was up for a week straight making things.  I love crafting, but I really don't go out much so networking has been out of the question until now.

I tried an eBay store once up a time, a very long time ago, but I just tired of the whole thing since there is SO much there I found things becoming devalued just because there were a million other people selling the same things.  People didn't look for quality or originality it seemed as much as the lowest bid.

But now....Etsy looks cool to me.  I love the guidelines for what can be offered and it seems very user friendly.

Skipping the usual humor for a moment, I'll give you a brief overview of things going on with me right now.

I poke fun at being a narcoleptic, but it's frustrating.  Maddening most times.  I actually envy people who can't sleep.  I sleep anywhere from 14 to 18 hours every day, so it's almost impossible to keep up with the usual things most people do every day.  After being laid off four years ago and being owed almost seventeen thousand dollars in back pay that I'll never get (yes, I've tried.  Everything) we've struggled financially.  We've gone into foreclosure three times and have thus far  managed to keep our house at the cost of my husbands retirement plan.

I won't bore you with the specifics, but at this point every extra dollar helps.

Along comes Etsy.  I registered last night, but I didn't complete it cuz of the $1.01 cent transaction.  Until hubby gets paid tomorrow, there was the very real possibility that the buck and a cent would overdraft our account.  What I really wanna know is have any of you started a shop or have a favorite shop you frequent?  Do you love it?  Do you think it's worth having a go at?  Oh and what kind of things are you looking for when you go?

I've pulled out the infamous "box o' craft stuff" and I'm ready to give it a try, but wanted to know what YOU think before I jump in feet first.


  1. I'm actually thinking about opening my own cart on etsy after christmas for my jewelry line. I know a few people who have their own and do quite well, but they have quite a bit of stock.

    Usually when I go on etsy I'm looking for jewelry or art.

  2. I was going to start and Etsy I really like the site and i have heard great things about it. I just can't afford to invest money .20cents a post for four months, i know its not a lot but it adds up lol... silly that i worry about .20cents...

  3. I am pretty new to Etsy so I am probably not the best advice giver, but I have some cool stuff on there and always see different things posted across the blogosphere. Right now I am seeking out some Etsy sellers for possible reviews or giveaways. If you have something unique you would like to try selling, maybe you oils start selling stuff through your blog first to see if takes off? Not sure which route you want to take.

  4. Thanks for all the great advice! I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet, I've got a gorgeous Christmas flower arrangement with lighted twigs, a couple of felted owl day planners, some coasters, and a few other odds and ends, most I'm not in a hurry about, other than the floral. It would do fine for a winter arrangement, but pretty sure I'd have a hard time marketing it after the holidays.

    I'll definitely take all this into consideration though, I was thinking about doing a couple of giveaways here, just to try to drum up some more readers (not followers necessarily lol) so we'll see how it goes!

  5. Being an Ebay Store owner for more than eight years, I can totally tell you that you have your ups and downs as far as making money....you have to have A TON of shit in your store in order to be successful. I've slowed down a lot over the past 2 years but am looking forward to selling as much as i used to.....

    as far as etsy goes....ups and downs too!

    it's huge...so in order to be successful...you need to list a shit load of items. 5 to 10 items don't cut it...50 items don't cut it...it's all about numbers....

    I work with nothing but Etsy shops on Freckles and Fudge....and I've seen a ton close up shop because it's a competitive market....

    i'll help as much as i can....but it's not all peaches and cream:) lots of luck and feel free to contact me via email for more info!:)

  6. Sheesh, that be a lot of stuffies! I'll definitely hit you up via e-mail and maybe talk more about it. I've got lots of ideas but little money, so it's hard to get anything really moving.

    Something like this, I've got patience with, so maybe I'll give it a try, I'm just wanting to start something and work on it. Kinda like my blogs lol! Thanks for the advice though, this was definitely what I've been looking for so you're now my resident expert! I'll try not to drive you crazy, and I promise I won't peek in your windows unless you make me brownies!

    Thanks honey bunny!


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