21 November 2010

Turkey Sammiches and Werewolves

What's a girl to do when there's too many chores to be done?

Sit down with a nice toasty cup of cocoa and write a blog of course!

So I'm suddenly realizing that it's the weekend before Thanksgiving.  Now I'm stressing because I've got three Blockbuster Online movies here now, one watched, two to go and this coming week, well we'll all be here at home.  Kitty has school Monday and Tuesday, but after that it's a free ride til next Monday.  So whatever will we all do to keep from killing each other together as a loving family?

The only time Thanksgiving is EVER simple is before you start dating.  After that you'll forever and I do mean EVER have guilt trips challenges to overcome.

I still have NO idea whatsoever what our collective families are doing for Thanksgiving Dinner.  I've got a turkey breast in the freezer, but my daughter has yet to tell me what she's doing for Thanksgiving, my in-laws have tentatively invited us to their house and of course my Mom expects us to be there too whether she says it out loud or not.

I've horrid fond memories of the last time we visited the in-laws.  My husband and brother-in-law had a very awkward and horrifying lovely fight discussion about my father-in-law taking better care of himself.  Now, its been decided that perhaps family visits should be shuffled so everyone isn't there at once.  I'm thinking that might be nice.  I don't really have any problems with my in-laws in spite of my mother in law thinking I'm a bad influence on my daughter because I have piercings.  The problem is that I don't really have anything in common with them anymore.  So family get-togethers end up being my family sitting quietly listening to the rest of the family talking about things we have no interest in or people we don't know.  Ce' la vie.

My family isn't always better.  I remember a few Christmases when my mom and stepdad were fighting and didn't even open their presents until after New Years.  I think that's all in the past, but my mother has reached the point in her life where she has no compunctions about telling you how she feels.  Exactly how she feels.  Not great when she doesn't particularly like your husband or your daughters boyfriend.  

Maybe that's why so many people dread the holiday season.  No matter how much I love my husband and daughter, I can't help but remember how much easier things were during the holidays before they came along. Easier is rarely better though and case in point here.  I'd much rather have them in my life even though I get to deal with enjoy snide adoring comments from in-laws and family.  Now I'm thinking about what we're going to do and you know what?

I figure we'll endure enjoy the company of friends and family, eat about three dinners and roll come home fat and thankful that another Thanksgiving has come and gone, sit down and watch a werewolf flick and maybe in the wee hours of the morning fix ourselves a turkey sammich.  All's fair in love, war and holidays.


  1. i'm thankful for having Thanksgiving in October lol.

  2. I totally love how this is put up! Here in India there is nothing such as thanksgiving! :'(

  3. Thanks for the comments you guys! You'll be glad to know problem solved! Thanksgiving day with the in-laws. Friday Thanksgiving dinner with my parents, I'm cooking Thanksgiving dinner Saturday and my daughter is going to the boyfriends' house for Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday. Yay for turkey?

    Next post - How to work off FOUR turkey dinners!


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