23 November 2010

The Blog Guidebook - A Must Follow!

I'm not even sure how I found this site, but if you're into blogging it's amazing.

Ever wanted to know how to customize your fonts like some people do?

They've got it.

Ever wondered how to do all the little neat tricks that you see on other blogs?

They've got that too.

Ever wanted to be featured on a blog that has umpteen hundred followers?

Well, they can do that for you too.

Seriously?  I've seen a lot of blogs about blogging and this one is by far the neatest, most comprehensive, and all together wonderful site I've found so far.  Sure you can find the technical stuff about increasing views and optimization and all that, but it's the "look" stuff that got me and dragged me in.  The page is awesomely designed, lots of information compacted into simple sections that make browsing through everything there a pleasure instead of a nightmare, and honey?

That's worth more to me than well, a lot of stuff.

I'd strongly suggest everyone check it out, browse the topics and click on the featured pages, I'm guessing it'll take me months if not longer to get through it all.

For a limited time, you can get a free button listing if you submit your blog to their list of featured blogs, and yes, that's part of the reason I'm writing this, but the main reason is that it's an awesome resource if you're serious about giving your blog audience a visit that's more than just informational, dare I say enjoyable?

Check it out!

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