24 November 2010

I am not a turkey, no matter what kitty thinks!

Once upon a time there was a kitty cat.

This kitty cat decided that she wanted a little taste of Thanksgiving.

So whatever did the kitty do?

She BIT me.

Apparently I either look, or maybe smell like a turkey?

Maybe it was the arms, although I'm pretty sure they don't look much like wings.

Who knows.

What I do know is that now my daughter thinks I have mange.

It's not pretty, nor does it feel good.

I think she got bone, or maybe bone marrow.


Don't blame her though, it wasn't reeeeeally her fault.

I'm a sucker for kitty cats, so while I was outside putting up Christmas decorations, I heard her crying.

So what did I do?

I meowed at her.

She came running.

I picked her up.

She got a claw or three stuck in my sweater.

She couldn't get them out.

I couldn't get them out.

She didn't like me trying to get them out.

She proved it.

Oddly enough, she forgave me for prying her claws out of my clothes.

I'm still on the fence about forgiving her.

My wrist looks like I shoved a golf ball under the skin.

It's red.

It's hot.

It hurts.

I can't bend it.

Now I'm gonna go to bed and hope that I do NOT have mange.

Or rabies.

Or tetanus.

Oh and she is SO not getting any table scraps tomorrow.


  1. Poor KITTY? O.o C'mon Dawn, I've got mange! Give a girl a break here! lol

    Seriously though, it feels a little bit better today so I'm holding out hope that I don't have mange, or rabies, or le gasp....cat scratch fever!

    The culprit (a former stray I used to feed and has relocated elsewhere and gotten a flea collar for her efforts) was once again on my front porch crying for something this morning. She best not be hoping for turkey, cuz she's outta luck!

  2. that super sucks!! especially if its radiating heat, usually a sign of infection :(

  3. Hahaha You get well soon girl! :)

  4. I agree with Eschelle, maybe you otta see a dr. sounds pretty bad.

  5. This is my life, only the most bizarre things ever happen to me. Flu? Nah. Bronchitis. Maybe. Mad cow disease? Mhm. Alien abductions? Probably before I die. Getting mauled by a cute little kitten with a flea collar the Wednesday night before every doctor in the city has flown to some where that's not here? Oh yeah. Hopefully the antibiotics from past misadventures will work their charms!


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