03 December 2010

For all you hoppers, I'll be back!!!

I got a late start today, so I'll be back and posting when I'm back home.  Still getting used to having a working girl in the house.  With no car.  Oops?

Lets hope this doesn't happen when I'm driving twenty minutes to pick her up from school then another thirty minutes taking her to work only to turn around and drive back home to do it again at 8 tonight!  Just I'm thinking something like that would just be embarrassing!

Toodles for now my honey bunnies!


  1. Hi! Giving you some comment love from The Love of Blogs :)

    Loved your "About Me" section! Too cute!

  2. Your blog is simply adorable...loving your motto and all the classic, retro pictures!!!

    Liesl :)

  3. Thanks for stopping by, and for the compliments! Hope you'll enjoy everything to come!


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