08 December 2010

Telling on the Hubs!

Since this is the manly post of the holiday season, there won't be any pin up girls posted in the post.

Wait....maybe there SHOULD be pin up girls in the post if it's a manly post.


Oh well, since I'm adding lots of pictures I think we can skip the pretties for now!

I posted some pictures a day or two ago of some of my favorite ornaments on our tree and the hubs said "Thank God you didn't show mine so everyone would know what a geek I was!"

You know what that means right?  Without further rambling, here are some of the hubs fave ornaments on our tree!

The infamous sock monkey.  The youngling bought it for him so of course it's a fave!

Awww, isn't it cute!  He made this in Kindergarten!  Okay this is one of MY faves, he'll be mortified it's here.

Funny how he hung these together isn't it?  Can you say passion?

 Yes my friends, it's the Starship Enterprise.  And it plugs in.

Okay, I'm cheating this is another of my faves.  But he better love it too!

Yes.  Yoda.  On my tree.

When we first got married, we made a trip to the Christmas Mouse in Williamsburg.  At the time he was all into fantasy, wizards and dragons and such, and we found these little crystal castle ornaments that we both loved.  Unfortunately this is the only one that's survived the past twenty years, but it's still beautiful!

He won't admit it, but he loves these guys too!  Left to right, Juliet, Skunkbutt and Tango!  Oreo was being stuck up!  I'll catch him later!

Hope you enjoyed the show!


  1. Donna! This is so classic, haha! You must tell me where you got the Starship Enterprise?! Charlie is a Star Trek fanatic.. and I mean fanatic that would rock to find one of those :)


  2. I think we all have hubbies with a little bit of inner Trekkie somewhere! That one is a Hallmark Ornament, but we've had it for years, I'd check the Hallmark store online or maybe eBay for it now, pretty sure it won't be in the stores unless they've got a new one?

  3. My dad would love the fish and boat one! Unfortunately, our tree still isn't up!!! But like I mentioned before, when it is, I will show off my favorite ornaments. :)

    Ooooh! We did get a few lights up outside though. I'll get pictures of those as well. They're super pretty.

  4. I can't wait to see! We haven't done the outside stuff yet, it's just been toooooo cold and I don't want to come in frostbitten! lol I'm going to do one more post with the younglings favorite tho, which should be fun, since she's picked out most all the ornaments we've gotten since she was old enough to show an interest in them!

  5. D.E.A.D. OMG. How could you. Just you wait. I can see a future post from me titled: Underwear or not to wear.

    But hey, you did good. Except for the freeloaders in the last picture -__-

  6. Love the ornaments!!! Of course you would have to post them after he said he was glad you didn't!! I love doing that! You literally made me laugh when you said that Oreo was being stuck up!! I have cats and they really are very snobby!!!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!! Love yours!!!
    Definitely a new follower!!!
    Have an awesome weekend!!!

  7. Tee Hee! And they're not....well yeah, they are freeloaders, but they're cute, furry freeloaders so it's good! :)

    @Courtney Thank you! So glad you stopped by! Hubs has his own blog so we're always going back and forth about what to post and what not to post. So far he's losing, but I'm pretty sure I'll be mortified before too long! I do love our kitty cats, we've got WAY too many, they keep showing up on our deck and I cannot seem to turn them away, gonna have to do something about that one day soon!


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