05 December 2010

So Many Thoughts, So Little.....

Time?  Motivation?  Desire?  Waking hours?

I don't know, maybe it's just the snow this morning that's making me giddy and about as cognitive as a WallyWorld employee.  This will be Lesson....umm....hell I don't know, a lesson about me for all you who are just getting to know me.

I love snow.

Like fat kids love cake.

Like pervs love porn.

Like dogs love licking their butts.

Like TSA employees love breasts.

Like Jeffrey Dahmer.....wait.....no.

Anyway, you get the picture.  So yet again this morning I'm aaaaaall over the place.  I've been finding so many incredible blogs and reading what you're writing and your lovely comments have all validated my randomness, so in a way it's all your fault.  Really.  I'm serious.

So what's today?  Sunday?  I think?

Kiddo goes to work at 2 today so I have an extra hour.  Was still up earlier than I wanted to be though.  Naps lately have been plagued by that "Oh shit, I've still gotta (insert chore of your choice here) before I go get the youngling!"  Hate it when that happens.  I try to sleep through it, but it just keeps poking me in the back of my eyelids until I haul my rear outta bed and pretend to do whatever it was I was thinking about doing.

It's hard to focus when you've got kitten cats who are seeing snow for the first time.  They go outside and you can actually see the "WTF!" look on their little faces!  Almost as good as the ever popular snow cat tossing.  Don't worry, if we get any snow you'll see that too.  If Peta comes knocking?  You haven't seen me.  I love my babies, even if the hubby is harboring evil thoughts about them.

I've been mopping my kitchen floor for three days now.  By the time I get done, I'll need to start over again.  Told the hubby last night if it takes me this long to clean every room in the house, we're screwed.  I'm just really not into it.  The floor needs replacing so it doesn't look beautiful even when it's spotless.  Oh well.

I will say that I did some other stuff I put on my list earlier this week.  I've got more than two boxes of stuff packed up to give away.  I cleaned the windows in the kitchen and cleaned out the buffet.  Not on my list.  Blame lack of focus and random acts of housecleaning for that.

Haven't touched the laundry though.   There's SNOW outside and damnit, you can't see it from the closet!

OH OH OH, I started my daughter's zombie Barbie.  Bought an el-cheapo Barbie at WallyWorld yesterday and stripped her and painted her ummm....zombie color.  Ripped her clothes up and when the ground thaws she's gonna get dumped in a hole for a spin or two.  I still need to do some touch up painting, she just looks too damn happy to be a zombie.  Mattel has some seriously happy doll designers if Barbie's face is any indication.  Hubby was laughing at me because I was wondering what's inside her arms and legs to make them bendy, and if she'd go up in flames if I tried to burn the edges of a severed arm.  Decided I'll take a flame to her over the kitchen sink.  Just in case.

Still no window fires so we're all good on that front.

Have any of you guys got Christmas tattoos?  I was thinking last night about putting a little Christmas mouse somewhere.  Who am I kidding, I can't afford ink.  That would rock though, admit it!

I still want to take pictures of the hubby's and youngling's favorite ornaments and post them here.  I was thinking about doing a "growing up" theme for my youngling.  We've got ornaments for her from Bambi to a wooden hedgehog.  Yes, I have a hedgehog on my tree.  He's kinda cute actually.

I want to do one of those picture challenges I found earlier today!  It's got a theme, like "In my house" and "Time" and stuff like that.  It'd be fun!  Oh and I still need to load all the pictures youngling took in her bathroom onto my photobucket account!  And take a picture of her with her new bunny since the yearbook staff is doing a page of Seniors and their animals.  She's already in the tattoos and piercings page.  And the jobs page.  And the art page.  Hopefully the "Students recently accepted at VCU with a full scholarship" page too.  That'd be wicked sweet.

Well, if you're still here, you deserve a cuppa something, so go grab it, but first?  Leave me lovies to make me happy!  I love lovies!  Maybe on my other blog I'll make some sense today, but maybe not.

There's SNOW on the ground, and it's melting fast so until it's gone, this is the best its gonna get!

Much lovies!  Toodles for now!


  1. I can send you snow...Ugh! I'm just not ready for it!

  2. Oh my goodness your list of I love snow like... made me laugh so hard! Thank you for that and being so real! :)


  3. You guys are the bestest! I'm so terribly addicted to blogging. And to comments. And well, anything that I can blog about. Like zombie barbies and snow! Thanks for the lovins', now I can go finish my kitchen!

    Much lovies!

    <3 Donna


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