17 December 2010

Anyone love Ross like I do?

Okay, so.

Took the youngling to work today and I've got this list of stuff that I have to buy for other people.

My mom wants me to shop for gifts for my stepdad from her.

My stepdad wants me to pick up some things for her from him.

Mom wants me to shop for gifts for the kiddo from her.

I love shopping.  I love just walking around even when I don't have any money to spend, but the best ever is shopping on someone else's dime.  That's like the cats meow!

So anyhoo, on the way home, I'm kinda looking around cuz I don't go out to that part of town very often, not real sure what's there.  I see the sign for Ross.  Heard of it, but never been there.

Unbelievably, my stepdad is the ONLY one who knows EXACTLY what he wants.

A bottle of Chanel No. 5.  The real stuff, not cologne, but p.a.r.f.u.m. to the tune of about $100 an ounce.

A robe.

Sound simple right?  The robe I mean.  I got the Chanel off eBay for $86 with free shipping.  The robe though?  A whole nother story.  My mom is about 5'9".  So robes are always too short.  Plus, she only wants one that zips up.  Has to have cuffs.  No little split at the bottom, and a collar.  Not picky at all.  Riiiight.  Oh and light colors are bad.  Has to be dark.  Blue, Black, Red, doesn't like green or purple.

Not simple.  Can't find one anywhere.  So I figured I'd try Ross.

Well, I'm enthralled now.  In love.  In lust.  In way over my head cuz I have no money at all to spend, not a dollar, not a dime, not even two pennies to rub together and make a squeaky sound.  We have, are you ready?  $13 in the bank to last til the end of the month.  Ugh.  Hello mayo sammiches.

Anyhoo, I found Mom some REALLY cute stuff to give my youngling for Christmas.  A set of Aubrey Hepburn coasters, one of those really frilly mannequin type jewelry holders with a to. die. for. dress on, and an Aubrey Hepburn 2011 planner.  All of this was approximately 15.00.  Needless to say my Mom loves me right now.

Spent the whole afternoon there which is why I'm only now getting around to telling you guys all about it.  THEN when I went to pick the youngling up from work, I took her.  She fell in love with it too.  I could literally walk around there for hours just looking and wishing.

They've got the most fantabulous home furnishing section and I might have to go back to take pictures just so I can show you guys all the beautiful stuffies I found!

So, the kiddo got her Dad (edited since he's going to be reading this) which he is going to L.O.V.E. and she got a new pair of shoes for herself with her first paycheck.  She picked up a gorgeous elephant to give her paternal grandparents and a box of blue gummy whales for the sorry horrid boyfriend which I still pretend isn't so sorry and horrid.

Spent two hours there with her so now I'm finally home, have neglected you guys horribly today and now I'm exhausted!  But in a good way!  So that was my day, first really exciting day I've had in a while and now I need a serious nap!  

So have you guys been to Ross?  Did you love it too?


  1. man i hate those bank account days. I hear you and i hold your hand with you hun! Wish i could lend more than just a kind word, my shoulder to cry on or my hand to hold.

  2. Awww, that's all I need sweetie! It's all good, you know what they say....this too shall pass! Love you so much for the thought though, you're an angel!

  3. This was the worst two hours of my life. Just sayin'.

  4. I need to do Christmas shopping too. I want a long luxurious blue satin evening gown.! I wish I were richer :\

  5. we have one but like you, I have no money to spend...i make my six year old pick up pennies off the ground ....haha...it's bad! i know!:) I hold hope that one day I'll be able to rock those high boots and pretty sweaters and smell as beautiful as $100 Perfume bottle....lol Love yous:)

  6. Because I am lazy and don't leave the 3 mile radius around my house, I don't get to go to Ross! I'm stuck at Target and Kohls and Walmart. Hmm I may have to hunt down a Ross, sounds so great. Glad you had a fun afternoon, you sound like a world class shopper, I'm wishing some more pennies to shop with soon!

  7. Sadly, I have never been there. I've never even heard of it. It must not be in Michigan. :( But it sounds awesome.

  8. I do love Ross! And TJ Maxx! Can't argue with great deals...

  9. I've never heard of it! But I do love your post and how chaotic but lovely the day sounded! Have I told you how much I adore Audrey H? Just seeing her name in your post brightened up my room. Literally, my cat rubbed against the touch lamp lol just as I was reading it. Oh how love the way you put a story together!


  10. you know, i quit going to the ones here because it was more miss than hit- but i think i will try again. great finds!


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