06 December 2010

Three Hours Forty Minutes and Counting!

I am such a goober sometimes! I think it's because I didn't really do all my blog reading today, but the ever so lovely Katie is hosting a Monday blog hop with the most adorable button for the holidays!

If you've got time, slip on over there and show her some love and say hello and meet some new friends!

Katie hon, sorry I missed you until now!  I'm writing you down so I can hop on earlier next Monday!


  1. Oh Donna! You are absolutely the sweetest! Thank you so much, you're not a goober :)


  2. Stopping by from Monday Mingle. Love the cheery music on your blog! Come by my blog sometime at http://hungrigyrl.blogspot.com. Have a great week!

  3. @K At least I got it in before midnight anyway! I'm over there hopping away now, finding all kinds of new blogs to follow! I really need to make a page for all my hops, so *I* can keep up with them all!

    @H Aw, thank you! I thought it was pretty cool and I loved the little player! I'll hop by there in a few and check it out! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. That's a good idea! I have a page 'Spread the Love' at the top you can click on that I've been keeping tracking of buttons in. I just started so as I visit pages I'm trying to grab them, especailly the ones I read daily :) I'm still new at the design of the blogs so it's beginning to slowly make sense!!

    I'm glad you're making some new friends!!! xoxo

  5. i love that button too!! its so shiny!! lol

  6. She does have a cute button and cute blog! She is my newest follower and vice versa!

  7. thanks so much for linking up with the Military Monday blog hop! you have a lovely blog here and i look forward to reading more from you :)




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