01 December 2010

Prelit trees are great....when they're lit.

Yes lovies, my tree is dark.

Without light.

Unlit for sake of a better description.

I have NO idea what I'm gonna do.  Maybe roast marshmallows.  Make smores.  Cry.  I'll let you know when I decide.

I have one of those little fixer upper thingies for prelit trees and all we got was a little hint of lights, just enough to make you go Oooooh...noooooo, and then pout.

I think I need an engineer.

Wait.  I'm married to one.  And he wrestled it for hours last year.

I remember saying last year that maybe we'd have enough money to get a new one this year.


Not.  Guess it's time to go wrestle the beast some more and see if I can coax one more miracle outta this puppy.  A tree without lights is like a wet dream without Hugh Jackman, and we all know that'll just never do!

Wish me luck!

Oh and go look at my last post, cuz I'm a proud mama kitty and all!  <3

Much love and sweetly blown kisses!

1 comment:

  1. Help dogs chase cars. That is what I do. Don't laugh, you already know me! :P I checked your previous post and yeah those drawings are beautiful.


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