04 December 2010

And Finally, A Tree Is Born! Or Decorated At Least!

So like most of the world with pre-lit trees we plugged in only to declare disaster.

Not a single light was working.  Not even one.

I'm sure it's not because I have a house full of rare tree dwelling felines who not only climb in themselves but coerce their brothers and sisters to join them.  I think they might be having catnip parties in there.

But anyway, thankfully (I think) we saw this coming last year.  We had to add some lights when we put it up then, and thankfully we had enough to do the whole tree this year since we simply can't afford to buy new lights. Granted it's not the 1200 lights I insisted on the first year the hubby and I were married, but after 21 years, standards seem to change.  Not that it's a bad thing, at least now you can actually SEE the ornaments without sunglasses.

I was thinking about it as I was decorating the tree, seeing all the special little ornaments that made me squee, and wondering if I'm just crazy or if everyone has that few special ornaments that just plucking them out of the box makes you feel all happy and giddy inside?

In a test of "I'll show you mine, if you show me yours" I'm gonna be brave and go first.  Here are a few of my favorite ornaments on my tree.  There are so many others, but these have passed the test of time and remain some of my all time favorites!

This little gal was a gift from one of my best friends from ages ago.  It's a bittersweet memory because after we started having kids (me one, her, ummm, four I think?) we lost touch.  We tried to rekindle our friendship years later, but it wasn't the same and there was I think still a lot of resentment and animosity between us.  I still have beautiful memories of the year I got her though.  Every year she would hand craft an ornament for me.  Just one, so it was an exciting tradition.  I've got several on my tree from her, but this one was always my favorite.  

Do I really need to spell out his significance?  The proverbial black sheep.  I <3 him!

This little guy wasn't nearly as cute when he still had his attachment to hang him on the tree.  He became one of my favorites when we had to mount him on a tree limb for him to stay.  He's so much cuter this way!

Can you read that?  "Deck them halls, ya'll"  Makes me smile, and yeah, feel like a really really serious backwoods redneck.  

For humor purposes, does it get any better than this?  He's one of my faves EVER!  

It's my jingle ball!  I adore jingle bells.  Put them on my shoes every year and drive my hubby insane.  One day I'll tell you about the year I opened a huge package, took out a few and left them under the passenger seat in his truck.  He was not a happy camper especially when they were still jingling all over in July!

I admit it.  I'm a rooster fanatic.  Well, maybe not just roosters.  Farm animals in general.  Have you noticed a theme here with my faves?  Hm.  I adore this little guy.  Nuff said!

And now for the grand finale!  The unveiling.  Completed tree with most of the lights I wanted and all my family's favorite ornaments filling it to overflowing!

Anyone up for posting some of their favorite ornaments to share?  I'd love to see them!

Until later, toodles!


  1. You didn't post MY favorite ornament. Wait. Nevermind. That would reveal me for the geek that I am.

  2. Oh trust me, your faves are on the list, another post for another day! You're not escaping that easily! Muahahaha

  3. ha ha ha, viewing the ornaments without sunglasses! That was SO my tree until recently. tomorrow is the day I put up my "martha stewart" tree (what the kids call it) and we're putting up our family tree when my daughter comes home from school on the 14th. That's the real tree that has all of the special ornaments on it, things that definitely make me smile (or shed a tear) when we pull them out of the boxes. Once it's up, I'll post pictures on my blog!

  4. I'll hopefully get the tree up sometime tomorrow. And all the other Christmas stuff. Today, my kids (2 that are here) are coloring huge pages of things like a snowman, ginger girl and other Christmas pics to hang on the windows.

    I may just take you up on your challenge too! If I remember to post my pics lol..And I may use it as part of my 25 Days Of Christmas (where I will mention your challenge and link up your blog).

  5. Our tree isn't up yet, but it will be soon. i'll be sure to post about it when it is and I'll share some of my favorite ornaments. :)

  6. i love your ornaments very unique haven't seen ones like that before!

  7. Have I mentioned I adore you guys! You make my little heart go pitter pat! Can't wait to see aaaaall the pictures! I do love Christmas and I'm such an ornament whore. I keep getting new ones and hubby keeps asking where I'm going to put them, but there's always a place! At least so far!

    Much lovies!

    <3 Donna


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