09 December 2010

Overdoing it....Again.

Sometimes I forget about the narcolepsy. I have days that it's not so bad, some days that I can manage to actually get some stuff done. I love those days, but lately? I've had too many in a row I think. I'm totally exhausted. Physically and mentally.

My stepfather has been feeling bad, which means I'm trying to pick up some of his stuff for my Mom who is legally blind.  Not the legally blind where you can still do anything, the legally blind that is just a smidgen away from total darkness.  She can't drive, has a hard time getting around, especially when there are sounds like music or the television or such.  They tend to upset her balance and she ends up with black eyes and busted shins.

Anyway, today I promised her I'd take her to WalMart to get groceries.  Now that the kiddo is working, between that and school my time is chunked up to where it's hard to plan anything.  Sooo, against my better judgment, I said I'd be there at 9:00 a.m.  Remember I said I'd been waking up inexplicably early?  Well of course this morning that didn't happen.  I rolled out of bed at 8:30, grabbed clothes that I hope match because I still haven't bothered to look.  Went out of the house with wet hair in 18 degree weather and barely got to her house on time.

My Mom is a stickler for being on time.  No matter what.  So no way was I going to be late.  That would have disrupted her ENTIRE day and thrown her for a loop.  I don't get it, since I'm late everywhere.  I was polishing my nails five minutes before I walked down the aisle to get married.  But that's another story, I'll try not to ramble too much here.

So we get to WalMart, get her groceries, text my daughter to let her know I'm not going to make it by 11:30 so she can take a nap before work, and end up picking her up at the time she normally gets out which is a little after noon.  She's anxious for a nap, and my Mom, bless her heart wants to eat out.  No nap for the youngling today.  We did enjoy a really good lunch, Chinese, which my Mom adores, and I got the youngling home in time to nap for a half hour still before we had to leave to get her to work.

I was struggling to stay awake all the way there, and managed to wake up a little bit driving home with both windows down and Three Days Grace blaring from the speakers.  I think people thought I was crazy because it's cooooold out there, but I needed the freeze to stay awake!  I was awake enough when I got home that I dragged out the little trees for the front yard and the three deer and set them up, got them hooked up and lit even though about three-quarters of one tree is going to be dark tonight.  I'm not up for standing out there freezing my buns off to check the bulbs.

I still need to get the rest of the wreaths and candles in the window, rescue the two that the wind blew into the bushes a day or two ago, take out the trash, feed the neighbors cat, put my bedsheets in the dryer so I can make the bed before time to crawl in it, figure out when to go out and get a few tiny things I need for a project and pick the youngling up from work at 9:30.  Ugh, and dinner.  And stop by the store since I forgot to get cat food at WalMart.  Why I don't get two bags at a time I have no idea because they go through it faster than I can get it.  No wonder they're all little butterballs.

Anyway, as much as I've been enjoying blogging, I'm just too freaking tired today to get into the spirit of it.  I went to a few blogs and left comments and every time I sit down at my desk I just want to drop my head onto the top and sleep.  I can't go get in the bed for an hour or two because the sheets are still in the washing machine!  Of course......the youngling has a waterbed.....a nice, soft, warm waterbed.....hm....

I guess I just wanted to say if you don't hear from me for a day or two I haven't disappeared, I'll catch up soon, I've been doing so good, and who knows, maybe tonight I'll have a sudden burst of energy and catch up then, but if not, don't think I've forgotten you, still love you guys, and still love to hear from you, I just need some sleep, and if not sleep at least a little bit of rest.  Thanks to all of you who have stopped by from various blog hops, I loved reading all the new comments and I can't wait to get around and visit everyone and leave love on your pages too!

So until later, toodles and lovies!


  1. Sounds like you need some sleep! Sometimes it's really difficult to put your needs ahead of others. Good for you for taking care of your mom though. She's blessed to have you. :) Goodnight sleep tight!

  2. your def. over working yourself my dear:) you need some me time....damn...where was i for Chinese...(and Boone's) you had me laughing at your comment....Bryan used to buy that shit all the time:) lol....take a break sweetie...we'll be here! i'm finally getting Freckles and Fudge cleaned up so now i'm grabbing that button!

  3. A woman's work huh? All that and you still have a fabulous looking blog, loads of followers at your knees, and with the music you've added (how BTW?) you gave my heart a Crimbo leap! Thanks YOUNG Lady - :) XX

  4. Thanks so much you guys you're all sooo sweet! I didn't get much sleep until bed, and even then not so much, but I'll be posting the update instead of going on and on here!

    @Vic You know you loved the Boones! I know there were others, but the only one I could handle was Tickle Pink. I looked for it about a year ago actually and I don't think they carry it around here anymore. Made me sad...

    @Shah - Aw, thanks hon, if you want music (which I'm still on the fence about, I like it, but I'm not sure it's a good add, I've heard people talk about it and it's generally a negative on a blog, but it's Christmas and I wanted it) click on the link under the player and you can pick out your own little player and add your own music too, it's a pretty cool little site I'd forgotten I had an account there until I stumbled across another player on another blog.

  5. I am a new follower, and I look forward to reading more of your future posts! Stay positive!!

    Merry Christmas
    Jamie~your Innkeeper
    Applesauce Inn Bed & Breakfast


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