15 December 2010

What's on Your Mind Wednesday.

Really?  I'm not sure the world is ready for this, but Tanya over at A Taste of T inspired me.  So it's all her fault. Besides I need some fun in my life today because cat litterboxes are calling me and that is so my least favorite chore in the entire house.  Four cats pooped enough, but since it's 18 degrees colder than a well diggers rear end outside, I suckered up and there are ummm, twelve?  fourteen maybe? cats in our house right now.  Hubby says that's why they have fur.  I think they're still cold and need someplace warm to hunker down.  They agree with me by the way.  So with that said, and before I go to explore poop mountain (not to be confused with Candy Mountain which is much more magical and even has a magical leopluridon) I shall explore what's on my mind for your amusement.

  • I should really get my makeup case out of the car and let it thaw
  • I hope we're going to get the snow they're calling for tomorrow
  • I need to visit Poop Mountain
  • Thinking about Poop Mountain the words Veni, Vidi, Vici come to mind.
  • I wonder if the ribs are going to be edible
  • Crap, I forgot to turn off the crock pot
  • My cow slippers are dying.  They have -le gasp- holes in the toe.
  • Why is there an empty basket in the middle of the living room floor?
  • Matchboxes always say "Strike on Cover".  Isn't that obvious?
  • My cat has eye boogies.
  • If I were a fairy, I'd have a knoll.  A big one.
  • Without mushrooms cuz they're creepy.
  • Happy Bunny is my hero.
  • I should go back to bed where it's warm and read a book.
  • I can't take a nap because I'm going to Poop Mountain.
  • I'd rather be going to Candy Mountain.
  • If Candy Mountain was real would it still exist or would people have eaten it?
  • They make miniature dogs and miniature horses, why can't they make miniature cats?
  • Miniature cats would poop less.
  • I need tea.
  • I'm hungry, but I don't want anything I've got.
  • We're so screwed this month.  Wonder if they'll shut off the power when it's subzero outside?
  • Anthony thinks my house is pretty.  I like Anthony.
  • David thinks my house is a hellhole.  I hate David.
  • I'm not going there today.
  • I'm going to Poop Mountain.
  • Now.
  • Soon.
  • Maybe.
  • What the hell is a magical leopluridon anyway?

If I'm  not back by nightfall, send help.


  1. Haha! I always think these streams of consciousness are so funny! Every now and then i got to writing them down, but most of the time I just think them and I'm like, "why did I just think of all of that?"

  2. ROFL i love it you're too funny!
    I want a miniature cat.... if i had $1200 i would get a miniature pig too cute to live they are!

  3. So glad I could make you guys laugh, at least my random, crazy, sometimes psychopathic thought processes are amusing! :)


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